My order number is. The following is how I got "JACKED" around by Stateway Auto Transport. It all started 30 days before I was planning to go to FL. I know that you are about to do the same. Please, be warned. Stateway auto transport will "jack" you around in all ways. Customer Service Agent Bill tells me that my car will be picked up either Friday October 30,2015, or Saturday October 31,2015 or Sunday November 1,2015. Stateway Auto Transport "jacked" me. No one shows up or calls ahead for pickup of vehicle.

I received an email from Karla, she works in the Dispatch Office. Stating that my car will be picked up on Monday November 9,2015, with assigned company as Auto Express as carrier. With a 2-4 HOUR WINDOW, sweet I think. I contact a good friend and ask her if she would do me a favor, by waiting for the 2-4 hour window for the driver to call and schedule time on Monday November 9,2015 to pick up my vehicle.

I received a text message from Naviy from Auto Express Carrier. The following is a direct quote from Naviy, "Hello, is Naviy from Auto Express Carrier, is the company supposed pick up the 1996 Buick Regal. My driver picks up your car tomorrow. The driver calls you 1 hour before pick up." I was a little blown away, and asked the name of the company, phone number, and person he spoke to. Naviy says company is "STATEWAY AUTO TRANSPORT". Here's Naviy's response "The company sent to me the order for pick up tomorrow morning (November 10,2015). Stateway will "jack you" and "jack you" and forget about your deposit of $145, that is gone. So, in closing stateway auto transport sucks!!!

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