I am new to Straight Talk. Just activated my phone today, 11/6/2015. Prior to signing up with Straight Talk, I called the support line to ensure I had all the features I needed. On November 4,2015 at approx 2:11 pm, I made 1 specific call, with just one question (to avoid confusion with multiple questions) of tethering my phone to my laptop when I needed to use my phone's internet connection. The exact question I asked was "Will I be able to tether my laptop to my phone when I need to in order to use my phone's internet connection with my laptop". I was specifically told by the agent "Yes, you will be able to tether your phone to your laptop and use the internet". My Sim card arrived on Thursday, November 5th and today, Friday Nov 6th I activated my phone. As important as the ability is, I soon tried to make sure I could tether my phone to my laptop and could not.

Upon chatting with Tech support (Alfredo) about this, I was told I could not and he gave me the 877-430-2355 number and a pin to use to get directly to a supervisor. I called the Supervisor and they told me also that that they do not support tethering, that there was no way for them to allow it. I was intentionally lied to, about a VERY important feature, in order to secure my business. I left Verizon where I had service for over 10 years because I was specifically told I could still tether my phone to my laptop and to find out I was lied to, on purpose, is very distressful. Do not trust straight talk. This is PROOF they will lie to you just to get your business.

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