I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Centura from Straight Talk Wireless and my wireless device was defective. After contacting Straight Talk Wireless customer care, I was refused a replacement phone until I placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I was then granted a replacement phone. Upon receiving my replacement phone, I tried to power my device on after charging my phone for the recommended 5 hours. My device powered on and the screen turned black and my device is no longer able to power on.

I have contacted Straight Talk Wireless customer care several times about my second defective device and was told that Straight Talk Wireless is unable to resolved my issue. I would like to mention that I'm on a limited income and have health issues. And I'm unable to pay to have my defective cell phone serviced by a professional cellular phone service person. I feel it is very unfair that Straight Talk Wireless is unwilling to resolve my issue. Thank you and may you have a wonderful day.

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