I was very disappointed with Straight Talk. My phone stopped working, and a replacement would have taken ten days to send, so I decided to go with another service provider. One Straight Talk rep told me I had to cancel service with Straight Talk before getting a refund. (I had been automatically drafted for a month of service just before my phone broke.) When I called to get my refund, all the reps said I couldn't get the refund because I had cancelled service. I had the ref. Number from the chat from the rep who said I could have a refund ONLY IF I cancelled. Then they said, "Well, you can't get a refund because you paid for the month BEFORE your phone broke". At this point I give up. I had already been shuffled around the labyrinthine phone line for about half an hour. Luckily I only lost out on 47$ and a free phone that never worked anyway, but I hope this review may help other people to avoid Straight Talk.

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