OK, here is the deal. I've been a customer for more than a year now and already I'm very dissatisfied. This has to be, by far the worst service I have ever received. I'm constantly receiving texts reminding me of when my service is about to expire. The problem I have with that is, they tell me that my service will expire on a given date and my data will be slowed down prior to this given (end of service date) day.

Well… My service is always slow, regardless and I never use my full data, (that is supposed to be "Unlimited" in the first place). Why do I need a constant reminder of getting much less than I'm paying for? Another issue I have is that I have way too many dead spots. Can't receive service anywhere in North Carolina, especially Mt. Airy, NC and the rest of the time I may or may not receive service anywhere in Virginia.

Biggest rant I have is I've experienced purchasing a service pin card to refill or reactivate my phone and actually had that service go to another phone instead of mine. I finally got a "good" rep after about a 2-hour ordeal of going round and round in circles just to get this matter straight and find out that instead of the 30 days I paid for I'm now only gonna receive two weeks. I will be switching service after this.

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