On October 2,2015 reported that my phone broke and was seeing what I needed to do to get a replacement phone. Was told that a FedEx shipping label would be sent to my email and to use that to send my phone back. Waited 24 hours and never received one. Called back and asked for one and still never received a label so I paid FedEx and shipped the phone back. The phone was signed for and to this day, I still haven't received my phone.

Been calling every day and have been told that it has been shipped. Still nothing. Have talked to numerous people in corporate and each one saying that the other lied to me. Called back again this morning, November 17,2015, and was told that after review, this wasn't the phone under warranty. This is the ONLY Straight Talk phone we have. Not only am I going to the BBB, but to the Federal Trade Commission and an Attorney. This is poor service, but yet, they are still charging my credit card.

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