I listed a 49ers v. Seahawks tickets during the weekend event. At 4:45 pm I deactivated the listing because it didn't sell. I proceeded to buy my parking ticket and drive to the stadium. I got through the gate at 5:53 pm. After the game, I checked my email that said "Congratulations! Your tickets are sold". I puzzled about this and checked my listings. No active listings, no sold listings. I took a photo just in case I get trouble from Stubhub. A week later I get an email from Stubhub Executive Team saying I owe them $200 for committing fraud. Long story short, after exchanging emails and phones calls, they would still charge me for something that wasn't my fault due to the agreement I signed when using the site. Don't know how to fight this but tarnishing an already bad ripped company. Stay away, they will scam you in all and every way. Do not use stubhub.

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