Not even going to mention their poor lack of quality care given to customers in special situations but they have horrible customer care reps and service. I talked to three people the first was a veronica in the west coast office who was rude from the time she answered my call. I asked is this stub hub she says that's what I said ain't it… Then I spoke to her manager who proceeded to laugh in my face his name was Matt…

Just a minute ago I spoke to a woman I believe her name was Heather. She just sat stern on what the manager I spoke to before said. She wouldn't elaborate so that I could understand. She just kept saying the same thing over and over then when I asked to escalate the call and speak to her manager she put me on hold for 20 minutes then mute for another 5 minutes then hung up after. I told her I knew she had me on mute. I am appalled at the lack of service and the pure disrespect I was dealt by Stubhub. I wouldn't tell anyone to use it. They are unprofessional, they don't care, they are rude. Do yourself a favor. Do not use stubhub. It will ruin your plans of an enjoyable event and it will certainly ruin your week.

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