On Sunday 11/08/15 I purchased tickets to a football game on Stubhub. My purchase was confirmed, credit card charged and two days later I received an email informing me that the seller of the tickets determined that the value was worth about $300 more per ticket, therefore my purchase was being cancelled. They reversed the credit card charge and gave me a credit to Stubhub in the amount of half of my purchase to use on a future purchase.

This credit was not enough to cover the new cost of the ticket and after about 6 calls to Stubhub customer service, they credited another $150 and thinks this should suffice. I had to buy new tickets and even with their "credits" I still had to fork out another $150 to get tickets to the same game, worse seats. The original tickets were in the "100" level, replacement tickets now in the "300" level. Their agreement with sellers shows that they are able to adjust the price of the ticket before it is sold. These tickets were already sold to me, then the seller decided to jack up the price. UNETHICAL definitely. Illegal? We'll find out!

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