My family and I LOVE Subway. I've always thought that the meat/tuna & meatballs portions were too small to begin with. Yesterday, 11/8/15 I went to my local subway in West Covina, California. And there on the wall was a sign for the employees regarding the NEW (smaller) tuna scoop. Really??? There was not enough Tuna with the original scooper. That one was too small. Now, the tuna scoops are even smaller. I'm not sure if I will continue to eat a subway. My husbands Tuna sandwich was all bread lettuce and pickles. He hardly could taste the tuna. Please don't be so cheap and make the portions a little bigger. Your bread is very thick. The prices are not that cheap either. Please make them a little bigger. Make it worth our money. And let us be able to taste the tuna on the bread. Not a happy (recurring) customer.

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