On Tuesday November 3,2015 I went in for your bogo offer! The store that I went into was not prepared for this situation. They kept running out of baked bread. People were waiting at least 30 minutes just to get bread. I watched them run out of bread twice in 30 minutes. When I asked to speak with the manager she was outside taking a break. All she had to say was that it was a busy and they were doing the best they could. I disagree! She should have been inside helping not outside. I walked out and I am not the only one. Several others walked out mad also. The manager also had a nasty attitude when speaking with her. There should have been one person baking bread only during the special event. There was only 4 workers there as far as I could see. The manager should have been busy baking while everyone else was making sandwiches. I will never again visit subway. I was thoroughly disgusted with this store. Joy Norton. You can reach me at. If you call when I am on the clock at work leave a message thanks

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