I always stop at Sunoco gas station 7759 at 2000 Edgerton, Broadview Heights, Ohio to fill up my tank. Last two times on Oct 30 and Nov 13 I had very bad experience. The cashier named was very rude and unprofessional. I always get big printed receipt for fuel but she lied to me they don't have it. I asked for a manager and finally I got the receipt. She wrote a transaction time even I asked NOT to do that. I told I never come back to this gas station, she said she doesn't care.

Second time it happened again with the same cashier. I asked manager's phone number and she gave me her own phone number and answer it when my dispatcher called to complain. Later somebody called back pretending to be a manager and didn't give his name. This situation was pathetic. Somebody have to investigate this. I'm very disappointed and never come here again.

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