I had the no money down lease solar installed (40 panels) on my barn in Jan. 2015. The system has stopped working 3 different times in the term of 10 months. I pay a fixed rate of $153.00 per month to Sunrun, however when the system is not working they expect me to pay the monthly rate regardless. I am actually paying more in electric having solar than when I just used PSEG. Now I get a bill from Sunrun for 153.00 and also an electric bill from PSEG ranging from 150.00 to the one I just got for 376.00 in one single month. This company fails to tell you that during the night hours you go back on your electric company's grid. I am so upset that it keeps breaking down and I am not saving anything. Calling them is nothing but a runaround and put on hold. Really wish I never went solar!!!

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