I just left super cuts in York Pennsylvania, the one that sits on route 30 beside dunken donuts. This was a first and last experience for me. Your service provided is below minimal standards. First, there is no hair washing. You get your hair sprayed with a water bottle. You can request a hair washing, but it cost 10.00 extra. This may seem like no big deal but I have NEVER received a hair cut that didn't include a hair wash. Next, they cut your hair paying little attention to what you actually asked for. And then, to top the experience off, you leave there with a soaking wet head. I told the stylist I have never had a hair cut that they didn't blow dry your hair afterwards. She said the only way she can do that is for 25.00 increase. Well if I am going to pay 10.00 for a hair wash, 16.99 for a haircut, and then 25.00 for the blow dry I can just as well go to a nice salon in the area. That is absurd. The hair salon inside Walmart and great clips that I have gone to in the past all include these three things in the price of a haircut. I will not return.

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