I have been trying to contact someone in Customer Service of Sweepstakes Clearinghouse for over a month now. There are three (3) items that I had in lay-away and I am finished paying for them. I have been trying to find out when they will be shipped and make sure I don't own any more money. I have emailed them with no response. Once when I called, I was on hold as the 38th person in the queue and when I got down to the 2nd person, the phone disconnected. Now when I call, I just get a busy signal. When I go online, it keeps saying they are updating their website. I have been a customer for many years and this is the first time I have had a problem. Would like to know what's going on. Need to speak with a representative or hear from somebody. I have three order numbers that are paid for: 32" TC/DVD, Laptop, and Set of 2 Oil-filled Radiator Heaters.

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