My husband and I have been a customer of T. G. I. Friday's for a long time. The food has always been fantastic. I either ordered the Jack Daniel Steaks or the Jack Daniel's Ribs with Fries. My husband ordered the steak with mash potatoes and broccoli. Our appetizers consisted of mozzarella sticks and potato wedges. Recently we have visited 6 T. G. I. Fridays in a variety of locations and there has been a drastic change in the menu. At first we thought it was the one restaurant, but after visiting others, we have determined it is the whole chain.

They stopped serving steaks. They still have the NY steak but other than that no other choice. Their mash potatoes are no longer fresh, they are instant and runny. The mozzarella sauce was changed again and in one restaurant it was so thick you could use it as paste on the wall. There has been a change in the Jack Daniel's ribs, they don't seem like they have enough meat on them like they had before. The one thing we thought was consistent was the Jack Daniels Sauce -please don't change that. The change in the atmosphere has also changed to be more modern, was that the start of the change? We love T. G. I. Fridays, please bring it back.

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