Followed their required protocol for closing/cancelling an account. The account was closed and paid in full on 8/4/2015. On November 16, received a call from a "collection agency" telling me I owed for Walmart Family Mobile the months of September and October. The phone's service was discontinued on 8/4/15! Called several times, spoke to several people – just the run around. They want to know who you spoke with when you cancel your account – then they tell you that no, you cannot call "that number" you have to call this number. It is a scam. I wish I had access this site prior to purchasing the Walmart Family Mobile. I typically go to Walmart once a week so this is what I will do in the future. I will go to their Family Mobile Center with a copy of all of the complaints on this website and I will complain to the salesperson loud enough so that any potential customers within earshot will be informed of this unjust business practice.

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