I bought a Kyocera Hydro Wave Sept. 24. I haven't even had this phone for 3 months before it messed up so I had to pay full price today on a new phone. It's not fair I should have to pay full price when the phone defect wasn't my fault. The phone, last night, frozed. Then, when I tried to reboot it, it got stuck on a rebooting cycle. So, all the damn phone will do now is keep rebooting… There's also no hard reset button and the phone is the battery so you can't pull nothing out… I'm very pissed off that I had to buy a new phone full price after just paying the damn bill. I would have came out cheaper getting a new phone with new service. When next year roll around or the earliest convenient, I'm leaving Metro cause they can't seem to appreciate loyal customers… It's their fault for the defected phones but yet, we got to pay for a replacement with full price if it's under 3 months.

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