I had a problem with my phone which I took to a T-Mobile store to have looked at. They couldn't find the problem and suggested I sign up for their insurance and order a replacement for free, which I did. Before the new device arrived I fixed the problem with my phone (incorrect setting). When the replacement arrived I decided to send it back rather than my old phone. I used the return label on the box as per instructions and handed it to my USPS postman (I did not notice it was a UPS label). At some point the package went missing. A 'restocking' fee of $480 appeared on my account.

After several repetitive phone calls to T-Mobile where the rep said they put a search order to their warehouse, there was no change in the situation. A final call to the Loyalty dept. Resulted in a T-Mobile supervisor refusing to remove the charge and giving me the 'option' to pay in installments. She even suggested I walk away from the outstanding bill entirely, which is a terrible way to handle the situation. I wanted to pay the part of the bill for regular services, but without the extra fee, but she refused. T-Mobile are taking the position that they did not receive the package and therefore I should pay for the device ($480). It is on me to file UPS for the missing package.

My position is that I do not have the device and sent it back in good faith and therefore should not pay for it. It is on T-Mobile to file UPS for the missing package, or absorb the loss. I am going to pay the charges as I do not want problems with my credit rating or credit agencies coming after me, but I still dispute the charge and want it credited to my account before I leave T-Mobile. We have been loyal customers for over 10 years, but this is unacceptable, and probably illegal.

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