I had some with my one phone (I have had two) LG Leon, that was having apps pop up interruptions or glitches on the phone, so I went to cancel that one phone. I still have my other phone yet with Metro PCS. Here is the thing, I was a former user of Cricket and Metro. Had a deal going on if I had a phone with them that I would get a $5 discount, so my two phones had a monthly payment of $50. When I canceled my one phone that I had felt it was hacked or had glitched or interruptions, Customer Service 800 number told me that I would automatically go back to the original payment of $30 plus tax, which should only be $25. I do not recommend anyone going through Metro because they do not know how to talk to their customers and they simply do not care if you are happy or not happy. They will rip you off.

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