I have been a T-Mobile customer for 10 plus years. I decided to switch my service because I was tired of calling my family from hotel lobbies since their coverage in hotels was horrible. I switched service on September 22 and had a zero balance on my account. I have since been billed $393.66. One charge is for the August / September dates which I agree with. The other charge is $198.53 for charges relating to a September 21 through October 20. That is right… They stuck me with a bill close to $200 for 24 hours worth of service. The other thing they did was send me a nasty letter threatening to send me to collections for the Aug./Sept. Bill with no initial paper bill reviewing my charges or even an email or courtesy call.

I called the 800 number and first finance guy I spoke with kept interrupting me and finally just transferred me to someone else mid-sentence. The second guy acknowledged my frustration but refused to even go up any further stating it is policy. I would never ever recommend T-Mobile to anyone. From coverage to customer service it is a crap company.

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