I have been a T-Mobile customer since they were VoiceStream. All in all, they have been acceptable and decent over the years. The Uncarrier was a big improvement, but now I guess they have grown to be like the others. Their promotions are misleading, and the staff are often confused. Customer Service has lost that 'caring feeling' and become excuses.

I recent added another line to my 11, and it didn't work. After over 8 hrs of being in the store and online, I was told I needed a new device. But because I had already activated the line, I could not buy a discounted refurbished device online. When I said to cancel the line and start over, I was told by the retention department that they could not – I had to go back to the store. Long story short, it was not true. One retention specialist told me that leaving would be difficult now since I had new equipment with them and would cost a lot – true but not what they should be telling customers. I guess it's time to go elsewhere. A real shame!!

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