I significantly overpaid my T-Mobile account which was clear to all the many representatives I've spoken to. Because I'd moved and had absolutely no Tmobile cell service in my new location I had to sign up with another carrier. I was not on a contract. I cancelled the contract before the next billing cycle but got charged for the next billing cycle anyway.

My calls about my refund began several weeks ago. I was told, and the website states this, refunds will be processed within 2-3 business days and issued shortly thereafter. It didn't happen, I went in person, they asked for my bank information to expedite the refund. I was very grateful for the efficiency I encountered in the store, only to have the refund not show up. I called again. I was told, "We will process this by Friday, call me back if you have questions." No refund. I called again, the next time I was told "it's against our rules to refund without waiting 30-60 days to give all the final bills a chance to clear. I stated all deductions have been made, and I've been told 3 times that my refund was coming within days.

The young woman stated "it's against our rules." I said, "3 people before you don't know that." She replied by saying, "I'll speak to the manager." My mistake was saying okay instead of saying, "No, I'll speak to the manager, put her on." The young woman came back after making me wait. "The manager says it's against the rules to issue a refund before 30 days after your final bill is sent to you." She gave me a projected day a month away after I've been promised 3 times my refund would be in my bank within 2-3 days. As I read other reviews I am very glad that I am no longer doing business with T-Mobile. Be advised, what they state on their website about the turnaround time between refunds and when you receive them is bogus. They have some secret rules apparently that only the managers and a few select staff know about. Sure enough they found deductions here and there to reduce my expected refund in half.

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