I switched in april of 2015 from at&t after 15 years of great service with them. 7 months later, 10 frustrating customer service calls & countless emails later I still have not received my full rebate amount.in fact, I moved and got married since this nightmare switch so only god knows where they have sent the $250 final rebate… Mind you this comes in pieces over the course of what they promise 8 weeks. More like 8 months! Beware – do not switch to this horrible company – worst than comcast customer service!

And their service absolutely sucks – I have to sit in one room of my house in the corner to make a phone call. And forget your texts while not on wifi – they are lost somewhere, probably next to my rebate they forgot to mail. Screenshot of my service inside my house like everywhere else I go – 1 dot. And try calling the promotions phone number 877-470-3619, where they claim representatives are standing by to help you from 7 am – 7 pm – not one number on the menu will get you to anyone… Ever. Horrible horrible company – obama could do a better job running this company.

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