Just got a massive runaround on excuses for an early charge for services, laden with patronizing explanations of how a calander works and false apologies about the fraudulent misinformation via text message of when my account would be charged. Having received a text message on the first of November starring I would be charged two days from the first I felt no need to take any notice of my accounts as this was in due order, instead of being charged on the third I was subsequently charged less than 12 hours later for the full amount of my service fee and when I called and asked about this lack of honest communication via text message both payment services department and customer service shirked accountability and placed the other department in blame of the automatic payments and text message services. The run around is all they were good for and raising my blood pressure. It is inexcusable to claim to be for the service of the client when there is no department within the company willing to work on behalf of the client or take responsibility within reason for misinforming, misleading and blameshifting all responsibility for mishandling accounts.

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