Last APRIL my husband Gene, purchased a Walmart Family Mobile, (T-Mobile) phone, when he decided that it was not what he wanted. He returned it right away to Walmart, Mansfield, TX, and chose an entirely different phone. We figured that it all was taken care of, but no, we started to receive bills from the above mentioned company. They were charging us for a service we did not have. Talked to Walmart twice in the store, and they said we should not receiving any bill and they called (?) and thought they had taken care of the problem. However, the next month we received the bill again. The end result is that now we receive a bill for $68.03 from a collection agency and threaten our credit rating. Would appreciate it, if you could get this straighten out this problem and get them to stop harassing us with a bill we do not owe. We sure would think twice about buying another phone from Walmart.

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