On 10/29/13 I obtained a Samsung galaxy s4 and signed a two year contract. The plan is 50 a month and it was 20 a month for the phone. I only went with T mobile because they offered wifi calling which I need because I cannot get reception in my building. The phone worked ok and met my needs. Then 10/29/15 came. On that day I had finished paying for the phone and now just have to pay for the plan. Well suspiciously starting on that day I started having problems. Suddenly the phone would not hold a charge. The entire battery deplete in a few hours. The worst part is that between 10/29 and 11/4, I suddenly used all my allowed 1GB data. I keep getting messages throughout the day that I need to increase my plan and that the phone will run slower.

I am a disabled retired person who rarely uses the phone. I called customer support and they told me it could be the battery so I bought a new one. They also told me that the data was being used up because of the apps. I replied that I only use one of the apps didn't want the others but of course i can't delete them. I also asked that since the phone has had the same amount of apps since 2013 why suddenly this problem on the day the contract ended. He had no answer. Then today, I went to the T mobile store on north Broadway in Chicago, talked to man named Z. Funny they don't have full names, must be from all the complaints. He agreed after looking at my usage that I have always had a low data usage. He called T mobile, talked to them… The final answer it was used up because my apps updated.

I said I know they have updated in the last two years. That happens automatically. He said, "Don't update the apps anymore." I then said, "Ok. Then why is the battery suddenly depleting so quickly?" I started at noon with a 100 percent battery and by 130 it was half used and I hadn't used the phone. His reply was that the phone are not made to last, get a new phone. Funny how all this happened on the day the contract ended. They just want to keep you paying that monthly phone fee. I just left. I will get a new phone but not from these crooks… Go elsewhere.

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