T-Mobile is the worse. I had a warranty on my phone. I had the flex and it stop working at the bend. So I sent my phone in. So they sent me a used S5 which is in fair condition. So 2 months later I get a bill for 532 saying it was out of warranty. So why nobody didn't contact me? They said it's a small Crack on the camera. Nothing was wrong with my camera so I talked to different people and they didn't give a damn so I asked them why will I pay a 400 out of warranty fee and I could've paid an insurance deductible for 175 and got a brand new phone. Then they offered to change my bill to 175. Hell no. Y'all send me my phone back and they said they couldn't. My thing is T-Mobile don't tell the customers everything and this showed me they don't give a damn about their customers. I paid them every month on time, a loyal customer. I hate Altel went out of business, they were the best I swear.

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