The worst rep ever! So i went to t-mobile store the representative there told me if i can pay the full price of the phone (2 – LG v10) i can unlocked the phone in 2 weeks without additional chargers or whatsoever just bring the phone with me in the store and he will unlocked it to me easily… After 13 days i went back to the store and he told me he cant do it and i need to call 611 the customer service to do it for me. I called the customer service spoke to rep, and told me need to have $100 in the acct to be qualified to unlocked the phone. To make the story short i refill the acct to be qualified. The rep told me to wait 15-20 mins before i will received the code to unlocked my phone thru my email… After 3 ours i talked to them they told me to wait 1-2 hours, then after talking for the 3 rep he told me i need to wait 24 hours… LOL this representative needs to retrain again they dont know what they information giving to their customer… Never t-mobile again this will be my first and last!!!

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