They have charged so many people on the line (s) that they did not use. On the online account they have a list of the numbers you registered that you can 'untick' the number that you don't wish to use. It says that once that number is being unselected, you cannot send message, make phone calls, etc. It made you think that you won't get charged in the next billing cycle which you are WRONG! They will still keep charging you because they claimed that the line is still active & you just not using it… Is that make sense to you? It doesn't to me… How many people have been charged by this misguided information? They told me that it's the customers' responsibility to make sure they won't get all these charges. How would we know when the information given wasn't clear? And also they claimed that they are post-paid company, not a prepaid telecommunication service provider! Not recommended!

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