This is one of the most horrible company to trust on customer service and be customer with.
I talked to customer rep. Before goign to canada and got his approval that I can call to 3rd country from canada as i was having North america feature and international calling plan added to my service and i called to 3rd country. Later on i saw bill more than 550 dollars???

I contacted the rep again and rep said "ohhhh Ist one mislead you you can not call from canada to 3rd country". Fair enough I thought and he said he will take care of the bill this time.
I was confused i again called 3rd rep and asked him why I can't call 3rd country i have 2 extra plans I am paying 10 15 dollars extra for North america plan and international calling. 3rd rep said "2nd rep was wrong you can call to 80 countries from canada"??? What the heck I said and made calls.

Bill was not adjusted as per 2nd rep still got the same bill $543 more.

I called the customer serive 4th time and now she said you should be good to call from canada to 3rd country because you have a plans. I said please put a note in your section. I saw no change in bill i was getting hit.

Then i again called 5th customer rep and inquired why are you guys are not trained to what to tell to the customer i am not going to pay this crap??? She said they are looking into this matter and will adjust the bill and will contcat me shortly but in the mean time i can keep on calling from canada to 3rd country or use WIFI call of no charge to call 3rd country.

I didn't saw any change in the bill by Nov 18 so i called 6th rep. She said you should be good to call from canada to 3rd country. You will receive the call from rep soon.

Finally, i got a call from T-Mobile Manager Nov 19th saying oh no you were given wrong information first time but 2nd time we told you it will be 1.99 dollars per min if you call 3rd country from canada? I was shocked listening to that and told her what about 6 other reps who told me "keep calling 2nd rep was wrong who told me not to call"?? Then she told me that i still owe around 1200 dollars which i will have to pay or else she will send this to collection agency then i said i do not want your coverage and she said do you want me to cancel your service right away???
What the heck she was talking to customer like this and is this black mail for getting money like this by giving false information to customer and then extorting like this? Is this fair??? It your customer service problem what can i do???

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