Walmart Family Mobile (a T-Mobile network) advertises that they are a prepaid type service. This is not true. The company bills you for the month that you used their service, not for the month you are about to use. When porting out your service to another provider (i. E. AT&T or Verizon), it appears that your service is automatically cancelled (as you can no longer access your account on BUT sooner or later you will get a bill stating that you owe Family Mobile for the month that you cancelled plus extra (as your account is now overdue). AND they can't fix it for you when you call their Customer Service Number.

Instead you have to email their credit relations department. They are of little help and you are still left with a bill from the month you cancelled your service and any extra they can tack on. I was with Family Mobile for 3 years. Every other month I was unable to make calls within my workplace (which is WALMART ironically!) Furthermore, the internet network speeds were slow and many times unreliable though their coverage map would say otherwise. Again, misleading. For the amount of hassle I dealt with for those 3 years, you'd think they would credit my account.instead when you call Customer Service, they merely apologize and tell you the situation should be resolved in a few days, which it never is. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

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