Yes my name is earnise mayfield just wanted to let you guys know about the fraudulent activity that your company is doing first of all I'm a very concerned customer for you guys to flag me as fraudulent are doing fraud when I never done brother my life you guys this guy named Adrian keeps calling my phone saying that he's from the front department but there's no way to get back in touch with him he doesn't leave a phone number his last name in the extension number nothing he just says call t-mobile back I still got the voicemail kind of creepy another thing is is that I ordered an iPhone when everything was okay my account is okay you guys always get your money and for some reason my account was flagged for fraud I'm if you guys don't trust me as a customer how can I trust you guys at the company you guys got all my information I ain't got nothing on you guys ever since I've been with you guys this company has been nothing but fraudulent activity over charging me for things double billing me cussing me out calling me a n calling me a b doing this doing that and it's a constant thing with T Mobile is that how you guys treat your guyses customers and if so I mean why do you guys say you guys are such a good company and you guys look out for your customers and you guys got a great customer service and all this stuff when you can don't give a damn about you guys its customers are you guys one is the money I would really appreciate if somebody get back in touch with me ASAP I left Kelly spindle email a week and a half ago and she still has not got back to me I know that's a normal practice with tmobile they say that they get back to you and never do I know its a normal practice with you guys but I would really appreciate if somebody get back in touch with me ASAP otherwise I'm following the civil lawsuit because I shouldn't be on the fraud alert thing. Cuz I never done Friday my life every phone that I exchange because your phone's wasn't working because you guys are a piece of crap of a company I returned every single phone so hot why am I on the fraud alert thing where I have to pay half of the bill before it gets put on to my bill the rest of the phone has to be put on my bill at the pay half of the phone up front when I never had to do that before so if you could get back to me with some answers that would be fantastic thank you so much have a great day bye bye

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