I, so desperately, wanted to relay my message personally so that you will know just how IRATE and DISAPPOINTED I am with the Taco Bell #002699,615 NW Libby Lane in Lee's Summit, Mo.! THAT 'unprofessional, poor-excuse of a manager name Lorenzo is doing your namesake a 'disservice'!
I went to your establishment at 5:00 p on 11/21/'15 to purchase a meal, as well as had a guest ACCOMPANYING me, also purchasing a meal. While I was at the window receiving my guest's and my purchase, Lorenzo berated the worker (handling our purchase) in front of us and continued to do so AFTER I had informed him how 'unprofessional' he was by interrupting her while she was trying to service us! I have NEVER witnessed such BLATANT DISRESPECT to and around other patrons. He rolled his eyes at me and continued to berate the young girl (Victoria P). I asked him for his name, he looked at me, rolled his eyes, refused to answer me and continued to talk to Victoria as if she were his daughter! How rude! I am really APPALLED at THIS behavior and your choice of presenting him as a manager to represent your BRAND. He will do WELL and may benefit GREATLY by attending 'senstivity training! Perhaps, you should be on 'Undercover Boss' and see how your BRAND really is being represented!
I would like for someone to contact me, expeditiously, because, the MORE I THINK about it, the more IRATE I'm getting! There is MORE that I have to SHARE but feel that I am running out of SPACE!

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