I recently placed an order and expected shipping on an earlier date which I pad for. I get an email that shipping was moved to a later date when Id be out of town. So I called to see if they can ship it to a store or a later date, she said it wasn't possible once its been shipped. So I canceled my flight and decided I'd drive instead. Mind you I searched for these specific shelves and proper size to order 3 of the same kind which weren't available in stores and get the online savings deal. Next day after canceling my flight I get another email saying the shipment was canceled. I told her not to cancel it. I try to reorder only to find it out of stock. I call again, I assumed the previous person I talked to canceled my order. So I tried to reopen or find another solution. After an hour on the phone and being told all stores were out of the shelves I was told the only option left is to contact corporate through a po box. Only to file a complaint. Also that Id have to wait till the items were back in stock. So I try online, they tell me the first phone call didn't cancel my order but the warehouse did. So she lied to me saying it was already in shipment while I canceled my flight. I get just an email saying it was canceled with no explanation. Victor online told me it might be because it was damaged or out of stock? But I ordered it a week before it became out of stock? Basically I feel like your store gave me the worst run around I've ever had. It was quite possibly the worst online order experience in my life. I spent 3 days dealing with people with no results. I ordered something, paid, told it was gonna be shipped late. I tried to change the shipping date was told it wasn't possible cause it was shipped already. Next day it was then canceled, tried to reorder, it was then out of stock, tried to talk to multiple employees for help they all gave me different answers. None of which had any solution. This is a completely terrible business practice. If I had time Id post on every target yelp and warn everyone to never buy from target online.instead I'll write to you. Then corporate. Then complain to the hotline. Take all my frustrations with this situation on target forums till it's out of my system. Speaking to multiple people who pretty much tell me there is nothing more I can do is pretty defeating. I was a happy shopper till I went to target. I bought something which you canceled. I wasted 3 days, one plane ticket, and about 9 hours on you guys. Never again. The most horrible shopping experience ever!!!

P.S. Please do something about this. All I wanted was some shelves.: (

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