I have been a TD Bank customer ever since they purchased Commerce Bank. On August 17,2015 I went into my local TD branch and started application for a HELOC. My paperwork was complete and back to the same office by 5 P.M. When I didn't hear anything for two weeks I started calling my local branch. I was told that my application was in the hands of an assigned processor. Two weeks later when I still hadn't heard anything I was told that the assigned processor went on vacation and that my application had not been touched. Two more weeks passed and the application was still not processed. At eight weeks the story became they needed my business balance sheet, even though they weren't using my income to qualify the loan. Two more weeks passed and they needed flood insurance documents which even though I faxed them immediately weren't "approved" for another two weeks.

When I was finally notified that the loan could be closed in my local office, I set a date and time with the rep in the NJ processing office. I called my local branch the day of settlement and I was shocked, I tell you SHOCKED that no one communicated the loan closing to the local office. 79 days from application to settlement is not acceptable. AND today I was told that it would take another 6 to 8 weeks to get checks from TD so that I can actually use the funds. TD Bank should not be in the HELOC business if they can't process a simple loan from a couple with credit scores each over 810 within a month.

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