I recently went to Europe for vacation and rented a car thru Europcar five months in advanced, nothing special a VW Passat. Upon arriving at the airport in Berlin the woman from Europcar informed me that they didn't have a VW Passat available for me. Wow five months in advance. So now she say's you can have a BMW or a Kia for the same price. So I said I will take the Kia because 2 adults and 4 suitcases won't work in a BMW. Now she tells me I have to purchase their auto insurance and I told her no because I have it thru a third party. She tells me that it doesn't state on my rental agreement that I have insurance from a third party and if I don't purchase their insurance I can't take the car. After haggling with her it was agreed that if I take their insurance and can prove I have third party coverage they will cancel their insurance.

I returned the following day with the printout stating I had third party insurance and was told everything was fine and there would be no charge. We enjoyed the vacation and returned the car with no damage and I asked for a receipt stating no damage and was told to sign his handheld machine and that was all I needed. I did see on the machine no damage. We go home and 10 days later I see a charge for 512.00. I call right away and they said, "You signed for it when you returned your car… Check your receipt." I didn't get a receipt and now they said they will email a copy in a few days. I looked at the receipt and they still charged me for their insurance, a daily upgrade for the Kia, airport surcharge and airport tax.

A interest fact is that when I gave them my debit card for insurance it wasn't even charged until I returned home 17 days later. I gave TD Bank all the information and their reply to me is… Denied. It has been determined that the customer must resolve directly with the merchant. I used my TD Bank debit card and now I find out I have no recourse for charges that I did not authorize. Mr. Oliver is the person who denied this claim. Mr. Should go online to Consumer Affairs and see for himself that this is a common practice with Europcar.

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