Quiana why are you still sending me these emails?
I wrote last week for about the 6th time to ask you to stop!
I explained my reasons why – despite you contacting me by phone and email every week for two years you've never offered me anything although I'm rated as an outstanding teacher, have 10 years experience in teaching, and an am examiner in my subject for AQA. In addition I've been snapped up every time by other agencies as there is such a shortage of very good A level Psychology teachers around and got every single job I've applied for in my 10 year teaching career. In addition I am head of dept part time, work with agencies for private tuition and am involved with the exam boards.

Something is very wrong in the way you do business – wasting peoples time
Not least your continued harassment and pointless emails and phone calls about availability.
I've asked on the phone and in emails over several months six time to stop and you persist despite you saying you'd delete my details.
You told me last week you would sort this out yet it continues
It's is harassment now.

This is a formal complaint for management who I've copied in
I want all my personnel details both on file hard and soft copy destroyed/deleted. Let me know when this is done and stop contacting me

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