My internet use is average I'd say, but when Telus decided to charge more for "overuse", I started to get a $5 monthly extra charge as I was just over their limit. They contacted me that I could "save money" by updating my plan. Reluctantly I agreed and was told I'd have no more issues based on my usage. That's been three months, and now I get a friendly reminder that I'm close to my maximum every month and should update my plan. My use hasn't changed if anything is less, yet Telus says I'm using more data than ever. Too, I'm paying more to get to a higher limit, but at the end of every month, rather than keep that data I've paid for, they take it back and restart my account again. How can they get away with this? You pay for something, and if you don't use it they take it back, and want you to pay for it again. Seems like theft!

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