A little less than a year ago, we paid $900 for a "Residential Exclusion" plan that "provide for services to control for and mitigate against infestations of certain rodents through installation and monitoring of a pest exclusion system" for one year. They were great in that. They sealed off the attic and put out traps and removed dead rodents from our attic. They came out periodically to check the traps and remove any rodents that were caught. Well last night, my daughter had to listen to a crying rodent thumping around for 3 hrs as it died above the ceiling in her bedroom. When my wife called Terminix, asked them to come out and handle the situation, they said in a condescending way, "how do you know the trap was triggered?" They said that they do not remove dead rodents, and that it would be more money to have that included in our contract. They said they would come out today, but they didn't.

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