We had termites from one of our house that we owned for 40 years and it was a mess. I'm a little sensitive to what termites can do so we availed of the coverage from Terminix. They come into the house once a year to inspect and we're satisfied with it. They also provide household bug treatments which I wanted for bugs that could come from the slab. Terminix used to come out once a month before but now they come out every three months, and it has been a different person each time. I'm not really happy with that. They changed the service and they kept the price the same. They didn't reduce the annual cost and I don't think that was fair.

I like them but my other concern is with regards to my experience in calling them. My call goes to the nationwide answering machine and then they route the call, then there is somebody who intercepts the call. I can't call the local office even if I look up the local office phone number in the phonebook and call. I get this clearing house first and that's a big negative to me.

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