We've had endless problems with our unit at 695 Talbot St in London Ontario.

For the last 2 and a half years they have been aware of the appalling condition of the vanity unit, with a rust hole in the sink. We still have this sink and despite a lot of promises nothing has been done.

They told everyone with the old vanities that they'd replace them over a year ago. Nothing happened. Finally this year they again promised to fix the vanities. They came and replaced everyones except ours, and told us that they need to special order one. We've been waiting months and nothing.

On multiple occasions since then, they've posted notice to enter on our door, despite not actually having the vanity yet. So we have to lock all our cats into one room, and clear out our hallway each time, all for nothing. They say "it's okay, we don't mind the cats", sorry bud but it's not really up to you is it? We worry about them and don't want them escaping.

On one occasion a workman just walked into our unit, using his key, while I was walking around in my underwear – no notice was ever posted, he just helped himself and then argued with me that he had right of entry.

We also had multiple intrusive entries to install a hydro meter, even though our lease includes hydro. There was another intrusive entry to "check the balcony".

There were also two 3 month periods where we couldn't use our parking lot because, in one occasion the concrete was failing and had to be re-done, and on the other occasion they were taking forever to "paint" it. Absolutely no discount on rent was offered.

Even worse, the bottom parking lot FLOODED during the recent floods. This destroyed about 20 cars. Thankfully mine was not affected but it seems that Terracorp isn't offering these poor people any compensation. This despite them being well aware that the lot is prone to flooding. I actually have photographs on my phone from a previous incident involving a similar level of flooding and NOTHING was done to provide flood defenses or drainage.

This building has also had issues with theft and vehicle break-ins. My motorcycle got stolen from here TWICE. My car got vandalized while parked in the parking lot. They posted a security guard for a short period which seemed to help but this has now stopped and the crime is slowly coming back.

People use our parking lot as free parking for the bars and for The Marq student accommodation next door. This forces residents to use the lower flood prone parking lot. NOTHING is done. I've never seen a single tow truck called out here. Other buildings in the area get patrolled by parking enforcement or have fob activated doors to prevent this, but ours is just a free for all.

Our kitchen has mismatched counters because they replaced one but not the other. Our floors are in an awful state because they're absolutely ancient and the company refuse to replace them. The vinyl tiles have huge gaps between them which are filthy where they've filled with dirt that is next to impossible to clean out. Our fridge and oven are ancient and in need of replacement, the oven burns pizza so quickly and the fridge freezes instead of chills. There is no climate control in the units so you have to provide your own AC, but you are limited to two devices per unit which is sometimes not enough. In the winter it gets unbearably hot because the heaters blast out at the highest setting. The lintels above the windows are crumbling making it hard to secure curtains/blinds. We've had to patch huge holes in the walls where the plaster has cracked and failed. In our kitchen some of the cabinet doors don't close properly, just hanging open causing a head injury hazard. Our toilet cistern flush mechanism needs replacement because it's basically rusted away.

NOISE, oh my god the noise. Noise complaints are NOT dealt with here. Our upstairs neighbour has really loud parties. For a period of about 2 months it was daily loud music from about 9pm til 3am. Some neighbours like to smoke tobacco in their units which makes the hallways stink, nothing gets done. One guy who lives on the first floor CAN'T EVEN SHUT HIS FRONT DOOR because the door doesn't fit the frame! It's been this way for months!

All this and they want $900-1500 for their crappy units!

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