I responded to an offer for train set that was mailed to me from Bradford. I called in because I was wanting to order 2 complete sets for Christmas. I was informed at that time that they were out of stock for 5-6 weeks. Employee completed order for 2 complete set and even quoted price with delivery. This was done on 10/4 or 10/5.

Today, 11/17, I called to check status and was told my order could not be located and that item is still not in stock with no date. My issue with this is why are you even mailing out offers for an item you don't even have in stock and you can't even give a date. This is an unacceptable way to do business. Almost a bait and switch situation. This has left me a negative feel for your company and will probably never order from you again. I would have a better feel for you if somehow you were able to deliver 2 complete sets by Christmas. I will put it on cc once I receive it. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL UNLESS; you are informing me I will be receiving an order by Christmas.

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