Have been loyal customer since twin granddaughters were born in 2005… Have never and still do not have problem with quality of clothes. This has to do first with the size of the Deptford, NJ store and second with CITI Bank who we pay our bills to. Everyone complains about how small & tight the store is since it was moved… Most people come in with strollers as it is a childrens' store and it horrible for those parents with the strollers and customers without. I've been in there when I've walked out without buying anything and have heard others say the same thing – IT'S TOO DAMN SMALL… Now CITI Bank… Before they took over I was able to make a payment over the phone… I tried the # on my bill and recording just gives balance & says use # on back of card… That # is the same # and just gives balance… I will NEVER shop at CP again and Have shredded my card.

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