I have never ever been so upset in my life! I ordered my daughter some clothes for the beginning of her school year around July 24/25 2015. I paid using a Children's Place card because it gave me a pretty good discount. I assumed she was size 10 because she was that size in every other store. I ordered a lot of things that were "WEB ONLY" which meant I had to return the items by mail instead of in store returns. Which, of course I was okay with because usually it's fast and simple. My items got there. I tried them on my daughter and they were way too big so I proceeded to return them.

The first mistake TCP made was that instead of sending me the correct packing slip, they sent me someone else's packing slip with full information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, etc. I called and they asked me to print one myself online or that they could send me one by mail which would take about a week and I printed my own. I sent the things out August 9. I waited a week and I called to make sure they had received the items. They let me know that nothing had been received (I had paid 3 day shipping). I waited another week, NOTHING. I called again about a week later and nothing. They asked me to find the Tracking Number, which I did. I gave it to them so that they could resolve it.

My Place card bill was due October 04,2015. I paid my first bill. Today it is November 6,2015. My second bill was due November 4,2015 and they have not yet resolved the issue. I have now been charged a late fee of $27.00. My complete bill was $73.00 which was about the total of the items I had returned. I did not want to pay the credit card bill for that reason. I am sick and tired of having to call their Customer Service Center over 10 times, waiting about an hour and a half EACH time I call and speaking to someone who cannot resolve my issue. I have tried my best to keep calm and not over exaggerate but this has just gotten too far. When I checked to make sure they did receive my items the tracking number I searched said DELIVERED.

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