I purchased the nursing program from the College Network years ago. I have paid off my loan entirely. I now am waiting for my exam fees to paid to me. They never come. I have made numerous phone calls and sent many emails. I am always told they are sending it to their billing department and will get back to me shortly. I requested my fee in March, it is now November and still nothing but a run around from them. They tell you to pay out of your own pocket and wait for reimbursement from them, or borrow from a family member! This is unacceptable.

I now have to put my education on hold simply to save up more money to take exams. Money I have already paid in full they are denying to pay. I have upheld my end of the contract and they continue to ignore theirs. They are not in the business of education, they are in the business of talking people out of their money. Even with the material I bought from them I had to spend thousands of dollars extra on text books and exam fees to the college I am enrolled in. The College Network has been huge letdown!

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