I'm from Brisbane, Australia and traveled to Banff, Canada through The Global Work's Get It All program. I got a job on a mountain and did a bit of skiing and snowboarding with my workmates Scott and Daisy. We've gone to see a lot including the Rockies before it started snowing, which is really nice. I did a few hikes up here in the mountains in Vancouver and it's beautiful to see.

I'm happy with what I've paid for. I feel like I've got my money's worth. The staff at The Global Work was good. They are sometimes quick to respond and informative. I only emailed them beforehand on the program and when we got to Vancouver, the orientation was well done. They definitely followed through on what we're promised. They got us to travel quickly. I just feel that there were a lot of jobs available and the harder part was finding accommodation with the job. But I'm happy with the overall experience that they've delivered.

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