I was sent home from the War Zone in Afghanistan. I applied for disability medical insurance as my company recommend. After the first payment from Hartford Disability Insurance, Hartford rep told me to go back to the War Zone in Afghanistan and receive my medical treats there so they don't have to pay me.in order to receive the second payment I had to contact/report them to my company and my company contacted them.in the meantime I had NO money to buy medicine or see my doctors.

As of today, now I am in the long term category and now Hartford is stating they need my medical records from last year to show I didn't get sick last year. Although my company doctor confirmed and provided a written document that I got sick this year. As of today… I still have not been able to receive my disability payments to continue my medical treatments or medicine. Hartford has No respect for War Zone employees and don't care if you are able to receive medical attention. Please never do business with Hartford Disability Insurance!

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