Potential visitors to the Sanctuary 1860 Retreat Centre in Portugal should avoid the place as a Johannes Maasland (their business associate) was arrested by the police for drug trafficking in November 2016.

Whilst on police bail he got drunk, drove a vehicle and threatened to hurt or kill a Spiritual Master, wrongly believing he was a police informant.

When Sanctuary 1860 were told of his abusive and violent behaviour, their response was to move a sacred Ayahuasca ceremony, to HIS house.

They refused to apologize for his behaviour and now there is conclusive proof to show that there are drug busts in the family, Sanctuary 1860 are related to those arrested and there is now proof to show that their shaman, whilst on police bail, not only threatened to kill someone whilst drunk in front of witnesses (for which a Criminal Court case is pending), but then went on to insult the Spiritual Master further, presumably to frighten him into withdrawing his testimony about the death threats and what he knows of the drug distribution, production and trafficking in the family.

Johannes Maasland from time to time posts comments to complaints, abusing the complainants, whilst wilfully wrecking the reputation further of the Ayahuasca centres complained of, for his abuse lends more credence to the Spiritual Master's complaints, and shows the world that this retreat centre has a very serious integrity problem.

Alexandra and Attila Akat have refused to comment. Their business Sanctuary 1860 was to be the main point of distribution for the 14 kilos of cannabis that Alexandra's brother in law was arrested with.

Once an Ayahuasca / Santo Daime retreat centre gets into trouble with the police, and their associates threatens to kill people or put them into hospital, and then they continue to work with them and condone the behaviour, closure is inevitable.

Their partners business Earth Connection Portugal has now permanently closed and their website has been taken offline, presumably because of the seriousness of the complaints, and because of impending Court cases and committals to prison.

Potential retreatants are advised to steer clear, for this Centre is at the centre of a messy scandal.

There are screenshots showing extracts from the police website about the bust and copies of police reports, and those involved.

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