Worst experience with a traffic attorney EVER. I'm considering filing a Florida Bar Complaint for inadequate representation along with lack of informing me of what truly was going on with my case. Then, one day I get a letter " Found Guilty". No other information listed on the letter.

No explanation or anything. I'm pissed. Beyond irate. I come to find out was assessed (3) points. I could've NEVER HIRED THEM & elected driver school. The point is the Ticket Clinic hid that from me. So, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR & GET A NORMAL TRAFFIC ATTORNEY- NOT A TICKET MILL. TTC didn't care about my case unless I followed up. I had to pay the entire ticket (which is fine) but these clowns delayed the ticket so I had to investigate on my own to find out due to complete incompetent representation I was past the deadline of electing driving school. They are HORRIBLE!!! They blame the cop, judge, court system, etc. NEVER DO THEY BLAME THEMSELVES. Definitely a nightmare. Big regret. So, I plan to file a bar complaint b/c they NEVER informed me of getting (3) points on my license & No chance w/o Driver's School. Any citizen can go represent themselves. You wouldn't get a worse result. So, why even hire them? One of the most unprofessional firms that I've PERSONALLY dealt with EVER!

They truly deserve ZERO STARS BUT IT WOUNDN'T ALLOW ME to do so. They have a complete lack of interest in clients – Its a Ticket Mill. That's all it is….get as many cases thrown at the judge & accept whatever happens. I RARELY write reviews EVER… but the fact my letter only stated found guilty & pay the full ticket amount.

Lesson learned to "represent" yourself over using TTC or use another firm in my personal opinion. Not being told about the points & inability to elect or get court appointed driving school. My pet could've gotten the same result at least not worst. That's for sure.

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